Short Description of what the class is studying:

The goal of the logic class is to improve logic skills by active participation in philosophical dialogue. Participants are given the choice to select different approaches towards selecting a first topic. This year, the first topic happened to be about “thinking for oneself”, and from that other topics have emerged. The main focus has been on ethics, but from time to time, interests spread into the realms of epistemology, aesthetics and metaphysics – encompassed by logic, of course.

Students participate in a constant and ongoing group discussion, which includes wide variety of subjects and opinions. Everyone’s contribution ensures an effective learning experience and a pleasant way to explore the unexplored in a safe classroom situation.

Short bio of instructor:

Hrannar lives in Norway and works in Norway and Scotland as a pedagogic advisor for adult learning in the oil industry. He studied philosophy, universal literature and creative writing at the University of Iceland from 1990-1993 and completed an M.Ed. with focus on Philosophy for Children and Critical Thinking at Montclair State University in New Jersey, 1994. Since then he has taught philosophy and various other subjects in Iceland, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Norway, ranging from English as a second language, Methods of Investigations, Psychology, Information Technology, Learning Techniques, Human Rights, Sociology, Geography, Chess, Icelandic, Philosophy of Adult Learning, and more. He has also worked in IT and as a technical communicator. He recently completed a project as an editor on the book: “Realizing Your True Business Value Potential”, to be found onĀ Amazon.com and other bookstores. Hrannar views logic at Summer Honors as a most excellent way to spend the summer vacation, and prefers that over a sunny beach vacation in Spain or Mexico, an international chess tournament, or sitting at home writing – or catching a good movie – which by the way, he also loves to do.

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