2011’s Entrepreneurship class will break into teams, each of which will work to make one of the test projects (the “entrance exam”) a reality.  One team will flesh out an already excellent business plan to identify structure, management and organizational needs, financing and other resources.  One team has decided to form a nonprofit with a link to child abuse prevention or recovery (there’s a lot to learn).  Another team wants to start a tutoring business, and one will actually build a prototype hog waterer that could be mass-produced.  No time for Facebook this year!

Mike Melneck has the Entre class for the eighth year.  His background includes too many years in a suit and tie, about three dozen business plans, more feasibility studies and white papers than he can remember, grant writing, and, presently, he serves as the Executive Director at CASA for the Highland Lakes Area, in Kingsland, TX.  He’s also a novelist and photographer, and reports directly to his wife, Pat, and to one spoiled rotten Cocker Spaniel, Molly 1.0.

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