Computer Science

Bio: Jonathon Irons is a freelance film and animation professional from Los Angeles, CA, working on films, television, and commercials.  Jonathon spent his high school years in Plattsmouth, NE, and received his Bachelor of Arts in Film & New Media from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, including a semester abroad at the Film and Television Academy in Prague, Czech Republic.  His goal is to become a director of film and television, both live-action and animated, and he is extremely grateful for the opportunity to give the ESU’s students an introduction to the world of animation.

Class: The animation class will give students a firm understanding of the basic principles of motion and storytelling used in modern cartoons, using the newest computer animation software.  After creating several of their own basic pieces, students will work together as a team to craft a more complex story.  Following this, students will be shown the various styles of animation, including hand-drawn, rotoscoping, stop-motion, and the use of sound.  In week two, students are given their choice of final project, based on their preference for which style they most enjoyed working in. Final projects will be at least 20-30 seconds, and may be created by an individual or team, or in collaboration with artists and writers from the SHP’s other classes